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I was introduced to the worlds of science fiction and fantasy in 2001. An interesting conversation with a very talented artist sparked an idea for a story. Thus the birth of Vizin. Unfortunately, numerous life changes have drastically delayed the completion of Vizin’s story. He still lives in my heart and mind, and hopefully will find his way through my fingers some day soon. In the meantime, i started dabbling with vampires and the like.

Matt’s Night At Work


The flowing overcoat was all that kept his approaching shadow from looking like that of a utility pole. His footsteps made little sound on the wet asphalt, but it was enough for Matt to hear. He crouched behind a parked delivery truck, shaking with fear and adrenalin. Matt knew who was at the end of that shadow, and he knew what he had to do.

Finally the slender leg of the man joined the shadow. Matt gripped the cold steel in his hand tightly, his trigger finger waiting anxiously in place. The man stopped and turned, Matt fired.

Matt took a minute to look over the subject. The shoulder-length black hair was thrown in strands over the pale face. Even in the beam of Matt’s flashlight, shadows could be seen on the man’s eyes. His thin body lay still, and cold.

Leaving the subject for the coming units to take care of, Matt went looking for the other officers. The two guys from the back-up unit were laid out over their cruiser, necks ripped open, but no sign of blood. Where was Jimmy?

Matt back-tracked his earlier path in search of his partner. As soon as he saw him on the sidewalk, he knew Jimmy was dead. The same as the others, his neck was torn open, and there was no blood. Damn it, he was a good cop.

The paramedics were here now. Matt went back to the main scene to tell them what happened, and where Jimmy was. What do you mean the subject isn’t there?

An ice cold bullet lay near the back of the delivery truck. There were no signs of tissue or blood on it, or on the asphalt. Matt felt a chill and instinctively turned towards the dark corner of the warehouse. This isn’t over.


~ S.S. White


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