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I have been writing poetry since grade school. A few of my poems were published, or won contests, years ago. Many of my poems are very personal, written as letters to friends. In January of 2014, i published a book, Words Ago, containing most of the poems i wrote from 1992 to 2009.

This poem was not included in Words Ago due to possible issues with copyrighted lyrics. Some of the lines in this poem were derived from song lyrics written by Layne Staley, as a tribute to him. I did not obtain permission to use his lyrics, i just wrote this from my heart.


Story of Layne


sing to me, sing your song

sound like you’re not really gone

tell your story, tell it again

who you were, and where you’d been


loved, envied, idolized

despite and for your life’s demise

left your story here for me

learn and share your legacy


your words i hear

shed a tear

play your song

you’ll never be gone


thought serenity was far away

your music brings it so close today

sex, pain, confusion, suffering

love, hate, love, made you sing


walked the maze alone back then

with your words, took me in

same as though molded in clay

permanent, your voice will stay


your words i hear

shed a tear

play your song

you’ll never be gone


riddle so strong, did you break?

were you okay? were you awake?

did your thoughts become your fear?

lights too bright for you to steer?


when you died, tears did rain

through your songs, born again

feel your pain, cherish your glory

forever there will be your story


~ S.S. White


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