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In August 2017, Voodoo Queen Management accepted me into their organization of musicians and promoters. I am very honored to be a part of VQM, and am overjoyed at the opportunity to not only hear the music and see the live shows, but to also get to know the musicians as the brilliant, multi-faceted individuals they are. This page is dedicated to them.

October 13, 2017

ssw: What is your role in Skinbound?

Sage: Basically my role is fairly simple within the band. I primarily play the rhythm portion of songs, and any parts on the albums that Matt doesn't play live I take it upon myself to sit down and figure out.


ssw: What other creative outlets do you enjoy?

Sage: From a young age I've always been drawn to writing. A lot of the time the stuff I write is really out there but I dabble in poetry, short stories, editorial type stuff. My primary focus when it comes to writing, though, is this massive story idea I've constantly been tweaking for many years. If I ever actually write enough of it out where it can become a full series, it would be cool to see it become a manga someday as well. I also draw a little, but visual arts like that have never really been my forte although I sure love to try my best. Music will always be my primary creative outlet. I want to make people think and feel with what I create. Music is one of the strongest forces out there, that intense feeling that rushes over me complete with goosebumps when I hear certain jams is something I want to give to others.


ssw: What other interests do you have?

Sage: I enjoy reading all kinds of books whether it be horror novels, manga, Western comic books, autobiographies, books on psychology and anthropology. I also enjoy studying language, particularly Japanese and Cree. I take random adventures to places out in nature or to local bars. I like to travel and see things I've never seen before, rare sights often overlooked. Most days they are quite uneventful but at times random crap occurs that has me wondering what is going on in my life, haha. These days I'm too busy with school, work, and learning my parts to really get out and do much outside of my responsibilities.


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