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I write from my heart, and hope you read from yours. Enjoy my words, find your own personal meaning in them. Words are my way of expressing what i see and feel. You can't physically see into my mind and heart, so i have to use words to take you there. Open your mind, and most importantly, your heart.


Nature inspires me most, and my writing reflects that. I write about feelings, thoughts, and once in awhile, people. I also write fantasy, which still often reflects nature. The world isn't such a happy place sometimes, i like to bring back chivalry and righteousness. Authors who have inspired me include Jack London, Mary Shelley, Charles Dickens, R.A. Salvatore, and Anne McCaffrey.


I will periodically add or remove examples of my writing from this site.


I do have proof of copyright to everything posted here.


~ S.S. White

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