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I have been writing poetry since grade school. A few of my poems were published, or won contests, years ago. Many of my poems are very personal, written as letters to friends. In January of 2014, i published a book, Words Ago, containing most of the poems i wrote from 1992 to 2009.

In memory of Chester Bennington

and Chris Cornell.

Dedicated to everyone affected by their lives...

family, friends, and fans.


If You Had a Hero


if you had a hero

if he saved your life

if in your darkest hour

his voice was your light


if you needed him

and he was always there

if he brought you comfort

when no one else would care


then always remember him

for what he helped you through

don't forget those days

when he was there for you


heroes are immortal

but only in our hearts

they have demons too

and hidden darker parts


he could ease your pain

because of what he knew

he had the right words

'cause he went through it too


he found the strength to share

the darkness that he faced

he gave you pieces of his soul

to lead you from that place


if you had a hero

and if he didn't win

don't turn on him now

remember him from then


don't let his sacrifices

that helped you through those days

fall away to meaningless

because he couldn't stay


remember what he taught you

remember what he said

hold his light up higher

way above your head


make his story known

keep his lessons going

make sure the life he gave to you

will never stop showing


if you had a hero

and if he's not here now

don't give up and walk away

share his light somehow


~ S.S. White

July 2017

If You Had a Hero


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If You Had a Hero


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